Tap. Pay. Done. All with your Google mobile wallet

Now all you need is your mobile phone, simply tap and pay with your phone wherever tap & go is available!

Google Pay*.



Mobile Wallets make purchases on the go fast and easy. Simply ensure you have the Google PayTM App loaded to your phone, ensure your phone is ‘awake’ and use tap & go to make a payment.

You can use Google Pay wherever tap & go is available for purchases under $200 (purchases over $200 need your PIN).

Getting started.

If you are already a customer, simply follow the steps below. If you are new to Beyond Bank, open an account first.

How it works.


Download the Google Pay app free from the Google Play Store.


Add your Beyond Bank Debit or Credit Card.


Validate your card via SMS, email or phone.

Tap & Pay.

Make sure your screen is awake and tap your phone wherever tap & go is available.

Safe to use.

Google Pay is a simple and secure way to pay using your phone:


  • Google Pay doesn’t send your actual debit or credit card numbers, which protects your card details from being used again
  • Your card number is not stored on your phone or in the Google Pay app. Instead, transactions are made with a virtual card number that is replenished after every few transactions. So if your details were ever compromised your account cannot be accessed.
  • Lock your phone or wipe it of personal information if it lost or stolen with Android Device Manager



  • Protected by multiple layers of security (just like a normal chip card)
  • Keep track of your spending – see what you have spent and where
  • Your phone must be within 4cm of a card reader for a payment to be processed
  • Each payment you make has a unique code, so you will never be billed twice for the same purchase. 

Google pay FAQs and troubleshooting.

*For transactions over $200 you will need to enter your PIN. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. Payments using Google Pay are available for NFC enabled phones running on Android Lollipop 5.0 or above.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc.

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