Ways to Pay

Your account, your way.

Beyond Bank makes sending payments easier. Our different payment options give you greater control over your accounts. With our award-winning Mobile app and Internet Banking, you can make and manage your payments with ease. 

Osko and PayID

With PayID you can forget your BSB and account number.
Choose an eligible PayID (like your mobile number or email address for personal banking or ABN/Organisation ID for business) and link this to your account.
Then when someone needs to pay you, give them your PayID instead of searching for your bank account details.
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PayTo is a new digital way to pre-authorise payments directly from your bank account. It can be used to make one-off or recurring payments in real time
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Direct Debit

A Direct Debit allows you to authorise a business to withdraw funds from your bank. This allows them to do the work of arranging the payment for you, allow you to set it up and let it happen automatically. 
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You can open a new account quickly and easily using Internet Banking.

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Salary Packaging Customers can open a new account quickly and easily using Internet Banking.