Be smart with your spending in the new Beyond Bank+ app

How you spend your money can make a difference in enjoying your life, both now and in the future. So it makes sense to know where your money goes from one week to the next. But while there are so many ways to buy – in person or online – getting a bird’s eye view of your spending is a lot harder. That’s where the Beyond Bank+ app comes in.



Get clear on where your money goes

Do you know how many subscription services you have and how much they’re costing you? Or what your monthly spend is for takeaway coffee or food delivery? Knowing how all these transactions add up can help you make smart choices to spend on more of the things and experiences that add value. Being more informed about what you’re spending on lifestyle can also help you make sure you’ve got enough left for life’s essentials – your rent or mortgage, groceries and other bills.   

The Beyond Bank+ app is designed to help you with all the features you need to track your spending and stick to your budgets. It keeps tabs on all your transactions without you having to lift a finger and you can customise the built-in tools, graphs and alerts to help you stay in control.    

Make sense of your spending

Once you’ve linked your accounts to the Beyond Bank+ app, it automatically categorises all your transactions giving you a running total for your spend on groceries, subscriptions, travel, bills and more. It also keeps track of your regular payments and when they’re due, whether it’s your rent, Netflix or energy bill. You can let the technology choose the categories, or create your own and tag transactions yourself to get really hands-on with your money management.

Set yourself some limits

Delivering a tally of your money habits isn’t the only way the Beyond Bank+ app can help you out with budgeting. You can lose the spreadsheets and use Beyond Bank+ instead for an easy and automated solution to monitor your spending across life and lifestyle, without losing track. Simply set your time frame and limit for different categories – gyms and fitness, household bills, insurance etc – and let the app take care of the rest. Transactions for each budget will be added to the total, keeping you in the know on whether you have a little extra to spend for the week or month.

Keep an eye on your budgets

You can check how you’re tracking against your budget at any time by visiting your Beyond Bank+ dashboard. And to keep you in the know on your budget targets as you spend, you’ll get alerts and notifications when you’re getting close to a budget limit or when your pay has arrived and your budgets have reset. Plus, you can monitor your money habits from week to week and month to month with easy to read, customisable graphs to show you how your spending changes over time.  

More control and more freedom

Being in the know about what you’re spending and whether you’re on target with your budgets can keep you in the black and out of the red with your money. This is just what the Beyond Bank+ app is designed for, with all the tools you need to make spending choices that bring you joy without blowing your budget.

Download the Beyond Bank+ app and get started.



Beyond Bank+ is currently in a pilot phase and is free for Beyond Bank customers.

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