Get on top of all your money tasks: introducing Beyond Bank+

In our digital-enabled world it’s never been easier to set up new ways to spend, save and pay your bills. But with so many transactions and accounts to manage, keeping up with all your money admin can get tricky. That’s why Beyond Bank are bringing you a first in personal banking – an app designed to do all the heavy lifting with your finances.

Bringing it all together 
At Beyond Bank we’re for and with you when it comes to your finances. That means we’re always exploring new ways to help you kick goals with your money so you can get more of what you want in life. With the new Beyond Bank+ app, we’re bringing you a way to get back in control of all your money, wherever it is.  

Just like the app you use for instant access to your accounts and transactions with us, Beyond Bank+ is free for all our customers. But it does much more than an internet banking app. Using secure Open Banking technology, it pulls together transactions from any participating bank in Australia, putting you in control of all your finances and all your accounts. Whether it’s money going in or out, you can see, track and manage every dollar, all in one place.

Take a deep dive into your spending

If the idea of keeping track of your spending with a spreadsheet doesn’t get you excited, you’re not alone. But now there’s an easier way to budget, using your Beyond Bank+ app as your personal money manager.  

Once you’ve linked your accounts, Beyond Bank+ logs and categorises every transaction in real-time. With technology taking care of everything in the background, it’s easy to see just where your money is going in your Beyond Bank+ budget and spending views. Set limits for your budgets and spending categories – from household bills, groceries to entertainment and more – and instantly see how you’re tracking from week to week and month to month.  

Get motivated to save for your goals

At Beyond Bank, our goal is to help you achieve yours. We want you to succeed in saving for your first home or a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world. Savings goals like these are much easier to achieve when you can keep track of your progress and keep your eyes on the prize.

With the Beyond Bank+ app, you get to create goals, with a photo of your holiday, new car or whatever it is you’re saving for to keep you motivated. By linking your personalised goal to an account with a target amount and a date to aim for, you’re making a commitment to success that’ll make it easier to stick to your savings.

Easy, safe and secure

Bringing all your accounts together under a single view – from savings to credit cards to superannuation – is safe with Open Banking technology. It’s a secure way to share your financial data without sharing account details and it’s regulated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. You have to give permission for the Beyond Bank+ app to access your accounts and you can unlink an account at any time.  

Beyond Bank is the first bank in Australia to offer the benefits of Open Banking in an app. We’ve designed Beyond Bank+ to use this powerful technology to take the hassle out of monitoring and managing your money while keeping you in control. 

Download the Beyond Bank+ app and get started.



Beyond Bank+ is currently in a pilot phase and is free for Beyond Bank customers.

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