Using the new Beyond Bank+ app to speed up your savings journey

Making a savings habit stick isn’t easy. Wisdom says that making a savings goal specific helps, as does having a visual reminder of what you’re saving for and lots of positive feedback as you make progress. You’ll get all this and more when you use the Beyond Bank+ app to make it easier to kick those savings goals.



Get a head start

At Beyond Bank we're for and with helping you achieve your financial goals so you can live the life you want. Success in reaching any goal starts with being clear on the why, the what and the when. Whether your reason for saving is a holiday, a car or your first home, knowing how much you need and giving yourself a deadline can help set you up for success.

Savings goals

With the Beyond Bank+ app, you can create a savings goal and add a photo as a visual reminder of whatever it is you’re saving for. Once you’ve set up your personalised goal you can link it to an account with a target amount and a date to aim for. You can create as many goals as you like and use the budgeting features in the app to help you stay motivated to reach every one of them.

Your built-in cheer squad

Once you’ve set a target and timeframe, being reminded that you’re doing well can give you the will to keep on track towards your savings goal. The Beyond Bank+ app gives you extra help and encouragement with nudges to let you know you’ve reached 20, 50 and 75% of your goal. Your dashboard also reminds you where you’re at. So, when you’re checking on budgets and day-to-day spending, you’ve got the added motivation of your savings status to keep you from going overboard on those little extras that can get in the way of you and your goal. 


Plan for success

On top of all these tools, the Beyond Bank+ app includes a savings journey, full of practical tips and ideas to motivate and support you. This is just some of the content you can access through the app to help you turn around your finances. If you’ve got debts you’re dealing with, we’ve got a journey to help with that too. It all adds up to a powerful collection of features to help you supercharge your savings, hit your life goals and do more with your money.

Download the Beyond Bank+ app and get started.



Beyond Bank+ is currently in a pilot phase and is free for Beyond Bank customers.

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