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Payrix Pricing.

The future of business with innovative payment solutions.

Payrix Payment Summary.

Simple pricing. No set up fees.*

  • No set up fees.*
  • Pay only for what you use.
  • Repeating, one off and ecommerce transactions.
  • Choose to pass transaction fees onto your customer.

Accept payments online.

  • 88c per transaction for transactions from bank accounts.
  • 33c and 1.98% for transactions Visa or Mastercards.
  • 33c and 2.98% for transactions from domestic AMEX.
  • Add 1.1% for international cards.
Transaction fee – all card types$0.33
Visa/Mastercard recurring fee (domestic) 1.98%
Visa/Mastercard recurring fee (international)3.08%
Visa/Mastercard gateway fee (domestic) 1.98%
Visa/Mastercard gateway fee (international)3.08%
AMEX (domestic)2.98%
AMEX (international)4.08%
Direct debit bank account fee$0.88
Data storage fee (once per new direct debit payer record)$3.30
High transaction value surcharge (for transactions over AU $2,000)0.50%
Chargeback or claim fee$55.00Per successfully returned chargeback or claim
Failed transaction fee$4.40Per failed or returned transaction attempt (bank account debits only)
Refund fee$0.33Per refund (credit cards only)
Establishment fee$110.00Once only per business entity (premium merchants^ only)
eCommerce gateway fee$33.00Per month (premium merchants^ only)
In-video payments$99.00Per month for In-video solution
Communication fee (SMS and/or email)$0.22Per message
Termination fee - within 12 months $550.00Premium merchants^ only
Termination fee - after 12 months$165.00Premium merchants^ only

Want to know more or ready to apply for Payrix?

Want to know more or ready to apply for Payrix?

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