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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up Internet Banking.

Where to find Internet Banking

You can find the portal to Internet Banking at the top right-hand side of every page on our website (where it says 'Log in').

Your Membership Number and Password.

If you set up a new membership with us online or in a branch, you will be asked to select a password as a part of this process. This is the password you used to log into your Internet Banking with your Membership Number.

Your membership number can be found on your welcome email or on the bottom of your card below your name. If you have an existing membership and setting up Internet Banking for the first time please visit us in a branch or give us a call on 13 25 85. Our team will then be able to get you set up and help step you through logging in for the first time, if needed. 

Logging in for the first time. 

Once you log in to Internet Banking for the first time, you will see an initial welcome screen, including some instructions to help you get started and an opportunity to download the Internet Banking Terms and Conditions within the Product Guide.

To continue, you must accept the Terms and Conditions. Click Accept to continue to Internet Banking: To provide additional security, a second form of identification is necessary if you want to use all of the features of Internet Banking. These features include External Funds Transfers (EFTs) and sending Secure Messages to our team.

When performing one of these actions, Internet Banking requests a security code that is verified against a code entered. For more details, please see the Second Tier Authentication section.

Set up the App.

Now that you have your Internet Banking set up, you can access our award-winning Mobile App! Get started

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