How do I transfer money overseas on Internet Banking?

Beyond Bank provides you with the ability to transfer funds overseas via Telegraphic Transfer. To perform the transaction you will need:

  • Transfer amount and required currency
  • Beneficiary name
  • Beneficiary address (full street address is mandatory)
  • Bank sort code/SWIFT address/chips/routing number
  • Beneficiary account number
  • IBAN (this is mandatory for transfers sent to the United Kingdom or European Union)
  • Bank name • Full bank address (full street address is mandatory)
  • Special instructions (if any)

Enter the details in the fields required and click Get Quote to navigate to a confirmation page.

A quote will be provided based on the current exchange rates. This quote and the associated fee must be accepted within 45 seconds. To accept the quote and proceed, click Continue To Transfer.

On the next page you will need to enter all of the details that have been provided to you by the recipient. The first section is Payment Details, and the only thing you need to enter is the purpose of the payment. This is required as some countries will not accept a Telegraphic Transfer unless the purpose has been disclosed.

Next, fill in the beneficiary (the person receiving the payment) details. These should all be provided to you by the beneficiary.

Finally, enter the recipient bank details. These should also be provided by the beneficiary.

When you have entered all of the required details, click Submit to confirm the details and send the transfer.

Please note: an International Transfer will take approximately 4 – 5 business days to be received.

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