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So you’ve heard about ethical banking.

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25 March 2022
In the Community

Heard of the term ethical banking but not sure what it really means? Wondering if your bank’s investments match your personal principles? Ethical banking institutions strive to do business in line with their beliefs and without causing harm. 

At Beyond Bank we’re committed to using our business as a force for good, by balancing profit and purpose. And we’re proud to be Australia’s first B Corp certified bank.

Becoming a B Corp—a growing global movement—allows us to measure our impact across five stakeholder groups: our people, customers, community, environment and governance. Plus, we’ve signed up to SDG (sustainable development goals) Action Manager, a global call to action to transform our world. 

But what does this really mean? You still want your money to perform well, right? Don’t worry, we’re committed to being in a position of financial strength and diversified growth, responsive and agile, focussed on the financial wellbeing of our customers across all stages of their lives. 

Being a customer-owned bank, we work hard to understand your needs and expectations and we are transparent about our purpose, ethics, practices and policies. We reinvest our profits back into the business to benefit you by delivering better products and services. 

We’re focussed on the accessibility of our branches, providing green lending, exploring sustainable finance solutions and developing responsible financial wellbeing initiatives. 

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to their financial security, wellness and flexible working arrangements. It’s part of our workplace culture. 

Part of our B Corp impact score is assessed on our involvement in the local community. This includes charitable giving, our support of local business and how we are fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

We continue to embed volunteering as a key part of our organisational culture, support fundraising in the community, provide adult financial education and are progressing sustainable supply and procurement practices. 

We are taking action against climate change with huge steps forward in reducing our green house gas emissions and improving waste management. 

This is how we operate and what our customers expect from us. It’s what ethical banking means to us. 

More information about our performance and 2022 objectives can be found in our Corporate Report. 

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