National homelessness week 2021.

In Australia, there are over 116,000 people experiencing homelessness every night.

It's a sobering statistic. Access to good quality, affordable housing is fundamental to well-being. It's why housing accessibility and caring for vulnerable Australians are key pillars of our community commitment.

This week is Homelessness Week, putting the spotlight on this emerging national emergency. 

The reasons for homelessness are varied, but COVID-19 has increased the risk due to:

  • the reluctance of employers to take on full-time employees
  • the low-skilled workforce becoming increasingly vulnerable to unstable employment 
  • low income levels compared with the cost of living and available rental properties
  • forced lockdowns causing businesses to reduce their workforce.

Each year, the Beyond Bank Foundation supports programs that address the affordable housing crisis and the largest emerging group of those facing homelessness – the elderly.

As part of National Homelessness Week, we'd like to share some things we're doing to address housing affordability.

Hunter Valley Winter Campaign.

Our Hunter Valley staff are taking non-perishable donations for six different homelessness support services in their region during August and September. Drop into your nearest branch to donate.

Toora Women Inc.

Toora Women Inc. is a recent grant recipient of the Beyond Bank Australia Foundation. We are helping them to support women and children experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and drug or alcohol issues.

Their recent launch of two new houses (one specifically for women with disability) will further assist them in helping women in crisis. More.


In 2019, YWCA Canberra launched a social enterprise, Rentwell, to assist people experiencing housing stress by providing safe and secure rental properties in Canberra. 

Our Foundation awarded them $50,000 to help get the program off the ground. In its first year, the program secured 27 properties and successfully housed 51 people. If you are a property owner in Canberra and looking to provide essential support to people in need, visit

Other partnerships.

We have strong partnerships with many organisations that support the vulnerable across the nation. They include AnglicareSA, firstSTEPS, Compass Housing, Hunter Homelessness Connect Inc, Reach Homelessness, Carevan Albury, Carevan Wagga Wagga, Argyle House, Shelter WA and many more. 

The challenges are everywhere. Securing dedicated community partners has helped us to address the housing affordability challenges in ways that we could never have achieved on our own. More.

How you can help

Everyone needs a home; how can you help?

Simply by saving, and without any cost to you, you can support your favourite cause. Find out how.

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