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Get ready to start using your salary packaging cards.

Our salary packaging cards remain one of the simplest and most beneficial ways you can save on tax as you don’t need to wait for reimbursements or collate and retain receipts. Giving you the flexibility of spending your funds when and how you want, without worrying about the paper trail.

Once you have your cards you can easily activate them via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Activating your card via Internet Banking.

Activating your card is fast and easy with Internet Banking.

  1. Type into your browser: online.beyondbank.com.au
  2. Enter your member number 
    Note: Your member number is located on the bottom left-hand side of your card.
  3. Enter your password
    Note: You created your password when you completed your Salary Packaging application. If you don't remember it you can use the Forgot Password option.
  4. Click Log In
  5. From the top menu select Services, then Card Management 
  6. Follow the prompts to activate your card

Note: You can change your PIN here as well 

Choose how and when you access your salary packaging information.

Our banking options allow you to use your card how and when it suits you.

online purchases

Internet Banking.

If you haven't already, get set up for Internet Banking. Click the button below to get started.

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digital wallet

Mobile App.

Once you are set up for Internet Banking, you can download our App from the App Store or Google Play.

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contactless payment

Mobile Wallets.

Thanks to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, mobile wallets make purchases on the go fast, easy and convenient.

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Telephone Banking.

To find out your balances or transactions over the phone, dial 13 14 02 and follow the prompts. 

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Using your Salary Packaging and Meal Entertainment cards.

Your Salary Packaging card can be used for everyday expenses likes groceries, utility bills and clothes. Your Meal Entertainment card is accepted at most restaurants, cafes, hotels, bistros and holiday Accommodation providers in Australia and overseas.


Quick Card Access Guide.

  • Use your card wherever VISA is accepted. Look for the VISA/Plus logo both in Australia and overseas

  • Select ‘Credit’ when making transactions at an EFTPOS terminal

  • Visa payWave available

  • Visa payWave with PIN for purchases above $100

  • Bill payments, online or over-the-phone transactions using your 16-digit card number

  • Can be used as Identification if required in a branch or over the phone.

Card Restrictions.¹

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Cash advances

  • Transfers to or from your accounts

  • ATM withdrawals

  • BPAY® payments.


Salary Packaging FAQs.

atm card Salary Packaging

Once the card is activated, the PIN can be changed. Only the cardholder can change the PIN. Here are ways you can change the PIN:

Internet Banking (Internet Banking Passcode required) – Log on, then select Services > Card Management (the card must be activated before the PIN can be changed) 

Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Change PIN

• Beyond Bank branch – (Photo ID required) Can request a new PIN be posted to you.

• Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre (Telephone Banking Passcode required) - call 13 25 85 and request a new PIN be posted to you.

Only the card holder can request a new PIN. Here are the options to obtain a new PIN:

Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Change PIN

Internet Banking (Internet Passcode Required) – Log on then select Services > Card Management

• Beyond Bank Customer Relationship Centre (Telephone Banking Passcode required) - call 13 25 85 and request a new PIN be posted to you.

• Beyond Bank branch – (Photo ID required) Can request a new PIN be posted to you.

There are several reasons why your card may be declined:

• Insufficient funds

• You have not activated your card

• The merchant channel has been blocked as it is not approved by your salary packaging provider

• The merchant has not been categorised correctly by their bank

• You are selecting the ‘SAV’ or ‘CHQ’ option rather than the ‘CR’ option.

If your Visa Card is lost or stolen, or if you believe your PIN has become known to someone else, it’s important to tell us immediately.

• During business hours, call Beyond Bank on 13 25 85 or visit your nearest branch.

Mobile App (Mobile App PIN required). Settings > Cards > Select card > Lost or stolen card

• After hours, call the Beyond Bank 24 Hour Card Hotline on 1800 648 027

• If you are overseas, call the reverse charge Visa International 24 Hour Hotline on +61 2 8299 9101

• If you have Internet Banking you can update the status of the card to Lost or Stolen in “Card Services” > “Update Card Status”

It is important you call us on 13 25 85 so we can order you a new card.

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Due to Australian Taxation legislation, cash or ATM withdrawals, advances, transfers to or from your account and BPAY® payments are restricted on Salary Packaging cards.  

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