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In the Community

When Caitlin, a deceased estates officer with dyslexia, was interviewed for her position at Beyond Bank, she asked for assistive programs to make it easier for her to do her job.

I have specific cognitive impairments in auditory processing, reading speed and tracking, so these programs make it easier for me to read and write,” Caitlin said.

One of my interviewers at Beyond Bank shared that his son was also dyslexic and how exceptional he was despite his struggles in his early education. When I heard that, I felt very reassured.”

Caitlin’s role requires her to work with customers to process and finalise deceased family members’ assets. It’s a job that requires empathy, resilience and skilful navigation through difficult conversations at an emotional time.

Dyslexia brings many gifts – imagination, abstract and critical thinking, and an innate ease at connecting with others,” she said.

Having to complete the legal processes for a deceased estate is undoubtedly a stressful situation for anyone experiencing loss, so my talents from dyslexia help me empathise and steer my way through sensitive conversations with customers.”

Although Caitlin has worked for other large organisations, she said she had not previously been successful in accessing the assistive programs she needed to do her job effectively.

Over time, this meant I was spending hours of my own time fulfilling reading tasks, which really impacted my overall stress levels and self-esteem.”

She recalls her initial interactions with Beyond Bank and how she chose to work there over other employers because of the way she was treated and the values that were displayed.

At every part of the process from interview to getting my job, Beyond Bank has made me feel comfortable about asking for help,” Caitlin said.

I have the tools to help the people I am serving to the best of my ability and can be myself without fear of judgement. That is incredibly freeing.

I feel like I have people who want to develop my skills, so that I can use all my talents and reach my full potential.

An estimated 30 to 40 per cent of the population are neurodiverse with about 34 per cent of Australia’s neurodiverse community unemployed.*

That’s an unemployment rate of about 10 times higher than in the general population.

With Australia’s current skill shortages, Caitlin said that small workplace adjustments could help organisations fill the gap in their employment needs.

There is so much talent that businesses can attract by simply being open to making small changes to their business operations and allowing disabled people to thrive and contribute.

If my experience is anything to go by, then Beyond Bank is really taking steps to be a leader in diverse employment.”

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