What details do I need to provide if someone is transferring me money from overseas?

We currently offer an incoming payment service through Convera. This service allows the sending bank to transfer the funds as a domestic transfer, from their account to a local Convera account.

To arrange your payment you can complete the online form. This form will provide you with the payment details, and a print-friendly copy of the transfer instructions for the sending bank

Your incoming payment will take approximately 3 business days to credit your account and will be available to you immediately. Receiving a payment from overseas via this method will be fee free to you as a Beyond Bank member.

As an alternative, you can also receive a payment from overseas in Australian Dollars (AUD) via the SWIFT payment details below. Payments received in a foreign currency will be rejected. Payments via SWIFT would generally take up to 10 business days to arrive and there is an $8 Inward SWIFT fee that applies when a transfer is received.

Bank name: Beyond Bank
Bank address: 100 Waymouth St Adelaide SA 5000
Branch No: 325185
Account No and IBAN (optional): 325185 followed by your Account Number
For example, if your account number was 01234567 you would provide 32518501234567.
Account Name: Your name

Please also be aware that third-party fees may be charged by intermediary financial institutions, and any transfers received in a foreign currency would be automatically rejected and returned to the sender

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